New York City named the top city in the world by global index

In a recent study on the greatest cities in the world, New York has emerged as the best city overall, coming out on top in an analysis by Oxford Economics. The study analyzed 1,000 major cities worldwide and scored them on various indicators like quality of life, environment, governance, economics, and human capital.

New York excels in economics and human capital, being a global hub for finance, tech, advertising, media, and fashion. However, it falls short in quality of life and environment categories. Despite this, New Yorkers already know the greatness of their city. Having hard data like this study to back it up is always reassuring.

The top ten cities on the Global Cities Index are New York City (ranked number one), London (ranked number two), San Jose (ranked number three), Tokyo (ranked number four), Paris (ranked number five), Seattle (ranked number six), Los Angeles (ranked number seven), San Francisco (ranked number eight), Melbourne (ranked number nine) and Zurich (ranked number ten). These cities represent the best in various aspects that make a city great.

By Riley Johnson

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