Netflix to broadcast NFL games on Christmas Day as part of new push into live sports viewing

The NFL has partnered with Netflix to broadcast the league’s Christmas Day games in 2023, marking a major milestone for both parties. This partnership is a significant step forward for Netflix, which previously focused on producing documentaries and live specials about golf and tennis as part of their sports content. Under this deal, Netflix will be broadcasting two NFL games globally on Christmas this year, with the option to stream “at least one” holiday game in 2025 and 2026.

Netflix’s chief content officer, Bela Bajaria, expressed excitement about this deal, highlighting the massive audience that NFL football attracts. The announcement of this year’s Christmas Day games will be made public later on the NFL Network and website. This partnership with Netflix opens up new opportunities for NFL fans globally and could help broaden the league’s audience both domestically and abroad.

The NFL on Christmas Day has become a tradition, and partnering with Netflix, a service known for its popularity during the holiday, is a smart move. Hans Schroeder, NFL’s executive VP of media distribution, echoed this sentiment saying that this deal provides new opportunities to reach a global audience through streaming services.

NFL games are consistently the top-rated shows on US TV during the season, and this partnership with Netflix could help the league broaden its audience both domestically and abroad. In addition to these games, the NFL also plans to play five international games in three countries during the upcoming season. This deal further solidifies the NFL’s partnerships with major US broadcast networks and prominent streaming platforms like Amazon and YouTube TV.

By Riley Johnson

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