NTT Docomo has announced that it has signed a contract with Nokia for the expansion of its 5G network. The agreement involves the use of Nokia’s Open RAN (O-RAN) compatible 5G AirScale baseband solution in NTT Docomo’s commercial operations. This marks a new level of cooperation between the two companies as Nokia has a history of providing RAN services for 3G networks and helping NTT Docomo with its 4G strategy.

The partnership between the two companies extends beyond just providing technology solutions. It represents a collaborative effort to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge telecommunications services to customers in Japan. With Nokia’s expertise in providing advanced networking solutions, it is an ideal partner for NTT Docomo as they navigate the complexities of implementing a 5G network.

Nokia’s Open RAN compatible 5G AirScale baseband solution will be used by NTT Docomo to enhance its network capabilities and ensure that it is equipped to handle the demands of 5G technology. The introduction of the 5G network represents a significant milestone in the partnership between Nokia and NTT Docomo, signaling their commitment to delivering the latest in telecommunications technology to the Japanese market.

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