Johnny Nguyen left his home country during the Vietnam War with the goal of giving his children a chance at a better life. He escaped the hardships caused by the war, food shortages, and supply chain issues, and after living in a camp for immigrants in Malaysia, he moved to the United States. Nguyen started by working various jobs while continuing his education. He eventually opened a successful printing business which allowed him to enter the construction industry. Today, DVR Cabinetry is thriving with around 25 employees and Johnny hopes to hire another 50 as his business continues to grow.

Johnny believes that his success is a product of the American Dream and wants to inspire others by emphasizing the opportunities available in the United States. Anyone who is willing to work hard can achieve their dreams, he says. To learn more about DVR Cabinetry and their story, visit their website.

On the other hand, Eric Tucker’s family lumber business in Delaware County has a rich history that spans over a century. Tucker is the fourth-generation owner and took up the mantle after doing odd jobs around the lumber yard when he was younger. The business specializes in providing high-quality lumber products to customers across Delaware County and beyond. Despite facing challenges such as competition from larger companies and rising costs of raw materials, Eric remains committed to providing excellent service and products to his customers. To learn more about Eric’s family lumber business, visit their website today.

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