Allbridge and Uniguest collaborate to enhance technology services in the hospitality and senior living industries

Allbridge, a leading property technology solutions provider, has recently been certified as an installation and reseller partner for the Uniguest Digital Engagement Platform in North American hospitality and senior living contexts. This exciting partnership was announced in a press release, highlighting the benefits it will bring to customers in these industries.

As part of this collaboration, Uniguest, a powerhouse in the hospitality and senior living space, has entrusted Allbridge with their software solutions. This partnership is expected to provide great benefits to customers of both companies. Lee Horgan, Chief Revenue Officer at Uniguest, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Allbridge, stating that their reputation as a trusted and reliable technology integrator made them a natural choice for this collaboration.

Matt Koch, Chief Customer Officer at Allbridge, expressed his excitement about the opportunity to work with Uniguest. He emphasized that the combination of Uniguest’s software solutions with Allbridge’s integration expertise and connections to hospitality and senior living communities nationwide will be a winning combination for their shared customers. According to Matt Koch, this collaboration is seen as an excellent opportunity to provide even better service and support to clients in these industries.

The partnership between Uniguest and Allbridge is expected to enhance digital signage and Interactive TV solutions across North America where Uniguest is experiencing rapid expansion. The two companies are committed to providing their clients with cutting-edge technology solutions that improve customer experience and drive business growth.

In conclusion, this exciting partnership between two leading players in the property technology industry highlights how innovation can bring value to customers across different industries. As more companies embrace digital transformation initiatives

By Riley Johnson

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