Patient who received the world’s first pig kidney transplant leaves Boston hospital

Rick Slayman, the recipient of the world’s first pig kidney transplant, has been discharged from Massachusetts General Hospital after more than two weeks in the hospital. The 62-year-old is now recovering at his home in Weymouth. Slayman expressed his gratitude to the doctors and nurses at the hospital for the exceptional care he received during his stay.

At the time of the transplant, Slayman was suffering from end-stage kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. He had undergone a human kidney transplant in 2018 but it failed five years later. The pig kidney transplant was a groundbreaking procedure with the kidney donated by eGenesis in Cambridge. The kidney was genetically edited to remove harmful pig genes and human genes were added to improve compatibility.

Slayman’s recovery is progressing smoothly and he is excited to resume time with his family and loved ones without the burden of dialysis. He thanked everyone who sent him well-wishes, including fellow patients awaiting kidney transplants, and expressed that his recovery marks a new beginning not just for himself but for others as well.

By Riley Johnson

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