Edina police assist in the delivery of a healthy baby boy

Last week, the Edina police came to the aid of a family in need when a healthy baby boy was born at home. The spur-of-the-moment birth was aided by the city’s police and fire departments, who were called to the home.

The newborn boy, named Titus Elliot, joined big sisters Eden, 6, and Addie, 4, who are both thrilled to have a baby brother. Nate Wagner, the father of the new arrival, expressed his gratitude to the police for their help during the delivery process. Nate shared with the Star Tribune that he was incredibly grateful for the men and women in uniform who serve the community so well, especially those who came to their aid that night.

Edina police Sgt. Darren Davis helped coach mom Arielle through the delivery process, assisting Nate in catching Titus Elliot. The officers worked together seamlessly to ensure a safe and successful birth for little Titus Elliot. Afterwards, Titus’ parents returned home with their new addition to the family doing great.

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