In a coordinated international effort, Croatian authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation into child pornography following the seizure of more than 50 digital devices from eight suspects. The probe aims to determine the extent of criminal activity, whether the suspects shared illicit images, and how they obtained the photos.

In addition to Croatia, Slovenian police have also arrested eight citizens on suspicion of sexually abusing children and minors over the internet. However, it remains unclear if there is any connection between the two cases. Slovenian authorities allege that the suspects committed multiple offenses of exposure, production, possession, and distribution of pornographic material depicting sexual abuse of minors. These crimes are punishable by up to eight years in prison in Slovenia.

The suspects utilized various means to access dark web links and use public internet connections to engage in their criminal activities. Meanwhile, Montenegro has also taken action against child pornography by arresting three individuals as part of Operation “Mosaic.” The Montenegrin police conducted Operation “Temid” with the primary objective of safeguarding minors and preventing the exchange or distribution of pornographic material created by them.

The main suspects in both countries utilized cryptocurrency for transactions and hid their identities while accessing dark web links to obtain illicit content. Evidence gathering and digital device analysis form a crucial part of investigations to prosecute suspects for their crimes fully.

Overall, this international operation highlights the need for law enforcement agencies worldwide to collaborate effectively in combating child pornography and protecting innocent children from harm online.

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