Arizona Tax Business Faces Injunction for Alleged Fraud

Arizona taxpayers beware of fraudulent tax preparers. In a recent move, the Justice Department filed a request for a permanent injunction against Golden Heart Tax Services and its tax preparers due to alleged fraudulent activity. The defendants, including Mayuen Ajak, Yier Deng, Bol Guot, Gabriel Kuot, and Golden Heart Tax Services LLC, are accused of falsifying tax returns to increase customer refunds and profit through high undisclosed preparation fees.

The complaint alleges that the defendants claimed false fuel, COVID-related, education, and earned income tax credits as well as fabricated business-related incomes. Many of the defendants’ customers are immigrants to the United States with limited English proficiency and tax knowledge. As a result of this misconduct by the defendants, it is estimated that approximately $10 million was lost in underreported income or unpaid taxes.

To protect taxpayers from falling victim to such fraudulent practices, the IRS provides information on its website about choosing a tax return preparer. Additionally, the IRS offers a directory of legitimate tax preparers to assist taxpayers in finding reputable services. It is crucial for individuals selecting a tax preparation service to be cautious and informed to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous preparers like those at Golden Heart Tax Services.

By Riley Johnson

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