Vetiver Technology Equips Farmers in North Leeward to Fight Erosion

Hand2Earth recently conducted its 4th workshop for farmers in North Leeward. The workshop, held in Rose Bank from 18th to 22nd March, focused on Vetiver Systems Technology. Ms. Vonnie Roudette, Hand2Earth’s Vetiver Systems Trainer, emphasized the significance of the project in the area, as historic vetiver hedgerows planted 100 years ago for soil conservation have been mostly destroyed, leading to widespread land erosion and loss of topsoil.

During the workshop, farmers gained practical experience in various aspects of vetiver systems technology, including land contouring, plant preparation, planting, and soil microbiology. Additionally, soil samples from their farms were tested to determine pH levels and soil composition. The GEF Small Grants Programme also provided funding for Hand2Earth to establish four vetiver nurseries in Belmont, Troumaca Bottom, and Bottom Village.

Since Hand2Earth’s Farmland Restoration initiative began in 2022, a total of 55 farmers in the North Leeward area have received training in Vetiver Systems Technology. This technology is highly effective for erosion control, groundwater retention, and restoring soil quality for improved crop yield. Participants are supported in installing vetiver systems on their farms, provided with plants

By Riley Johnson

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