In 2021, the Texas Rangers finally achieved their first World Series title in franchise history. To commemorate this historic moment, the team held a parade through Arlington. The victory of the Rangers brought in a total pool of $107.8 million for Major League Baseball, which is the most in league history. Each full postseason share for the World Series champions received $506,263, just slightly down from the record set by the Houston Astros in 2022.

This year, Texas split its $38.8 million prize into 64 full shares, 12.56 partial shares, and $48,000 in cash awards. In comparison to the Astros, who divided their pool into 59 full shares, 14.14 partial shares and $940,000 in cash awards last year. Other playoff teams this season received full shares ranging from $173,187 for Houston to $8,336 for Milwaukee. The pool includes 60% from the first two games of each Wild Card Series, three games of each Division Series and four games of each League Championship Series and World Series game.

The Major League Baseball revenue sharing system was established to help distribute profits fairly among all teams and promote fair competition on the field. By splitting up revenue among teams based on their performance during the playoffs, MLB ensures that every team has an equal opportunity to succeed both on and off the field.

Overall, this year’s revenue sharing system provided a significant boost to Major League Baseball’s bottom line while also rewarding teams that performed well during the playoffs with a generous share of the profits.

It is worth noting that despite receiving less than half as much money as they did last year ($94 million), Texas still received an impressive sum of money ($38 million) that will be used to improve their team’s chances of success in future seasons.

In conclusion, The Texas Rangers’ victory in their first World Series title brought not only joy to their fans but also financial benefits to Major League Baseball as well as other teams participating in post-season games.

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