Video: Large Ship Engulfed in Flames on Cetina in Omiš

At approximately 12:30 PM on Wednesday, a fire broke out on a boat in the center of Omiš. The flames billowed from the stern of the ship, causing concern among bystanders who rushed to aid those on board. Fortunately, firefighters arrived within minutes to extinguish the blaze.

The incident took place on the Cetina River in Omiš. Upon receiving a report about the burning boat, three fire trucks were dispatched to the scene. Despite their quick response, the fire was not fully extinguished until around 1 PM. Firefighters remained on site to ventilate the ship and ensure that it was safe for all involved.

Several people were reportedly on board at the time of the incident. The timely intervention of bystanders and firefighters helped prevent the situation from becoming more serious. According to a reader who sent in a video of the fire, everyone was able to escape unharmed thanks to their quick thinking and actions.

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