The bottle of Macallan 1926 has become one of the most sought-after in the world, setting a new record by selling for £2.1 million. This aged whisky is known for its rich taste and exclusivity. There are only 40 bottles of this whisky, each aged for 60 years, making it highly valuable to collectors.

Sotheby’s in London was surprised when bidders went after the Macallan 1926 bottle, which sold for over £2.1 million. Jonny Fowle, head of whisky at Sotheby’s, described the whisky as incredibly rich with lots of dried fruit, spice, and wood. The exclusivity of this bottle adds to its high value.

The two artists who designed the labels for the Macallan 1926 bottles are Valerio Adami and Sir Peter Blake. The other 12 bottles remain unlabelled and are also highly valued by collectors. Before being put up for auction, the bottle underwent reconditioning at The Macallan’s Distillery in Scotland to ensure it was in top condition.

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