Texas’ economy expected to receive a boost of over $1 billion from Eclipse tourism

In just over two weeks, an estimated one million people are expected to flock to Texas to witness the total solar eclipse, bringing in over $1 billion into the state’s economy. In Red Oak, locals are preparing for an unconventional Monday as the solar eclipse will cast darkness over the city for just over four minutes.

Phillip Hughes and his sister, Michelle Bezanilla, are gearing up their breakfast and lunch spot, Gravy, for the influx of visitors. They plan to streamline their menu and bring in additional help to manage the expected crowds. The economic impact of the eclipse is estimated to be nearly $1.4 billion in Texas, with $13 million in Ellis County alone where Red Oak is located.

The Red Oak Area Chamber of Commerce is also anticipating a significant increase in revenue, with President and CEO Clint Woodward stating that the eclipse will be a major event for the community. Local businesses are preparing by hiring extra staff, ensuring sufficient inventory, and advising residents to stock up on essentials ahead of time.

Woodward emphasizes that the event will extend beyond just Monday, potentially starting as early as Friday and lasting through the weekend. At Gravy, the owners are looking forward to the event as an opportunity to engage with new customers and create a festive atmosphere. They plan to celebrate the eclipse with their guests and offer a unique experience to mark the occasion.

As excitement builds in Red Oak, preparations are underway to make sure that everyone has a memorable experience during this rare celestial event. The anticipation is high across Texas as people eagerly await this opportunity to witness something truly special.

By Riley Johnson

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