New Application Launched by WCG on Its ClinSphere Technology Platform

WCG, a leading provider of clinical research solutions, has recently launched Total Feasibility, a new application on its ClinSphere technology platform. This next-generation solution is designed to revolutionize the site feasibility process by streamlining clinical study feasibility questionnaires, enhancing site matching, reducing duplication, and speeding up response times from potential sites.

Cristin MacDonald, Ph.D., Vice President of Client Delivery at WCG, explains how Total Feasibility benefits sponsors and CROs by reducing the burden on sites by eliminating repetitive questions and promoting greater collaboration among stakeholders. Terri Moench, President of Clinical Research Solutions at WCG, emphasizes that this new functionality provides valuable data and insights beyond therapeutic area and indication, allowing for more informed study planning and site identification activities.

Total Feasibility was created to address the challenges faced during the assessment process by sites and investigators. Through efficient data collection, smooth workflows, and automated procedures, it offers faster outcomes that encourage better collaboration among stakeholders. The launch of Total Feasibility follows the recent introduction of Statistical Consulting Solutions by WCG aimed at addressing resource constraints in the clinical research industry.

With these initiatives by WCG, decision-making processes in study planning and site selection are optimized through data-driven solutions that provide valuable insights beyond therapeutic area and indication. This enables more informed study planning and site identification activities for sponsors and CROs alike.

By Riley Johnson

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