New method developed by researchers allows for blood glucose measurement using smartphone  | Technology News

In a recent announcement, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) unveiled a new technique that harnesses the power of magnetometers found in standard cellphones to accurately measure blood glucose levels. Modern smartphones are equipped with magnetometers that function as compasses by detecting Earth’s magnetic field. Researchers have discovered a novel use for this feature in analyzing blood glucose concentrations and other biomarkers.

In their proof-of-concept study, the researchers attached a small container with a solution representing blood, along with a hydrogel strip to the cellphone. Hydrogel is an expandable material that swells when exposed to water. By incorporating magnetic particles into the hydrogel and modifying it to respond to glucose or pH levels, the researchers were able to detect changes in magnetic field strength using the phone’s magnetometer.

The NIST team believes that this technology could lead to cost-effective glucose monitoring solutions that are easily accessible. The smart hydrogels used in the study are affordable and simple to manufacture, making them potential candidates for commercial test kits that can be attached to smartphones for glucose level measurements. By leveraging existing smartphone technology, this approach offers a low-cost alternative to current glucose monitoring devices.

The study results have been published in the journal Nature Communications, highlighting the potential of using smartphones for innovative healthcare applications. This advancement could pave the way for convenient and affordable at-home monitoring of blood glucose levels, offering a promising solution for individuals with diabetes and other health conditions.

By Riley Johnson

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