Gymnast continues to shine despite Type 1 diabetes

A groundbreaking device called the “bionic pancreas” has recently been approved by the FDA for diabetics, providing a significant relief from the burden of constantly tracking carbohydrate intake. This innovative technology allows users to simply input the size of their next meal, and an AI algorithm calculates and administers the correct amount of insulin to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

One San Antonio teenager, Mia Campos, has benefited greatly from this revolutionary device. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10 during a gymnastics competition, Mia struggled to manage her blood sugar levels using traditional insulin pumps that required constant programming and often malfunctioned. However, after being recommended the “bionic pancreas” by her pediatric endocrinologist, Mia has found it to be life-changing.

The “bionic pancreas” is a small device that attaches to Mia’s jeans and uses AI software to personalize insulin delivery based on her glucose levels. It is designed for use in individuals six years old and above and only requires one input about the size of the next meal. This technology has allowed Mia to focus on her studies and gymnastics training instead of constantly worrying about carbohydrates and insulin levels.

Mia’s endocrinologist, Dr. Jane Lynch, emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise in maintaining stable blood sugar levels, in addition to the benefits of the “bionic pancreas.” Mia herself is thrilled with the device and believes it will help many people, especially those with busy lifestyles who struggle to manually manage their insulin levels.

Overall, this new technology provides hope and relief for diabetics like Mia, allowing them to live more confidently and comfortably with their condition.

By Riley Johnson

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