A Unique Mammalian Suspension Technology Enhances Scalable rAAV Production with Pro10 Cell Line

Viralgen has unveiled its new technology, the Pro10™ cell line, aimed at improving the efficiency and scalability of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) production for gene therapy manufacturing. The proprietary mammalian suspension technology enables large-scale production of rAAVs, addressing the challenges faced in AAV gene therapies. The Pro10™ cells have been fully characterized and licensed for gene therapy development by other biopharma companies.

The HEK293 derived animal component-free suspension Pro10™ cell line is described in detail in a PDF that highlights its ability to reduce process development time and costs. This innovative technology offers a promising advancement in the field of gene therapy manufacturing, providing a solution to the challenges faced in large-scale production of AAV vectors. Viralgen utilizes these cells as the foundation for a robust and scalable rAAV vector manufacturing process that exhibits similar productivity in small and large-scale bioreactors and can produce different AAV serotypes.

The Pro10™ cells play a crucial role in Viralgen’s platform process for manufacturing AAV vectors and have been vital in producing groundbreaking gene therapies. They have been successfully scaled up to 2000L, demonstrating consistent and reproducible cell growth rates. This proprietary technology is poised to revolutionize the field of gene therapy manufacturing by providing an efficient and scalable solution to the challenges faced in large-scale production of rAAV vectors.

By Riley Johnson

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