Introducing MPC Stems: Akai Pro’s Breakthrough Audio Extraction Technology Now Integrated into MPC Desktop Software, Standalone Operation Coming Soon

Akai Pro has recently unveiled their MPC Stems technology, which allows music producers and beatmakers to separate different musical elements from mixed audio. This groundbreaking technology is now integrated into the company’s MPC Desktop Software, promising a new era of sampling and precision. The technology is powered by zPlane’s stem separation engine, which guarantees superior sound quality and minimal artifacts.

Once separated, the stems can be assigned to pads within the MPC software. Producers can assign sample slices to different pads and isolate specific parts of the original track. The workflow is simple – just select the Create Stems option and choose the layers you want to extract. Volume, pitch, pan levels for each stem can be adjusted individually or collectively for all four layers. Audio can also be cropped on an individual or global basis.

The MPC Stems update is not free for existing MPC Software users, costing a one-time payment of $10. This update can be purchased exclusively through the MPC Store and requires the installation of the 2.14 software/firmware update. However, standalone support for this feature has not yet been announced, so it may only be available in desktop mode at present.

For those who want to take their music production to the next level with this innovative technology, it’s important to note that full standalone support has not yet been released. Therefore, it may require some additional setup before using it in standalone mode. However, for those looking for more flexibility in their music production process and greater control over individual elements of a track, this could be a worthwhile investment in equipment upgrades or updates to their existing setup.

By Riley Johnson

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