Night Train from Berlin stops in Dresden and continues to Prague

European Sleeper has announced the launch of a new night train that will travel directly from Brussels to the Czech Republic, including stops in Bad Schandau, Decin, and Usti nad Labem. Previously, the train ended its journey in Berlin but will now continue on to Dresden and Prague.

The night train will depart from Brussels South three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with departure times of 7:22 PM in Brussels and 8:01 PM in Antwerp. The train will pass through Berlin before stopping in Dresden two hours later and arriving in Prague before 11 a.m. Return trips from Prague to Brussels will occur on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.

European Sleeper’s co-founder Elmer van Buuren expressed excitement about the new connection to Prague after successfully launching the Brussels to Berlin route. The company plans to add new routes each year and is projecting an Amsterdam-Barcelona connection in the near future. The Nightjet from ÖBB also offers a Brussels to Vienna route providing competition for European Sleeper.

The new train route was recently tested with the goal of attracting more travelers from Brussels and Amsterdam to Dresden and Prague. European Sleeper expects around 40 percent of travelers will opt for this extended connection as part of their expansion plans which include introducing new routes annually with an Amsterdam-Brussels-Barcelona connection possible in coming years.

By Riley Johnson

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