Innovating Research Excellence through Hydraulic Press Technology: Labmate Online

The University of Bath’s Chemistry Department has recently upgraded its research capabilities by acquiring the LabTop 150 hydraulic press from Fontijne Presses, with the help of Intelicare. This advanced piece of equipment is set to revolutionize quality control and research and development (R&D) applications within the department.

The LabTop 150, part of the highly regarded LabTop series by Fontijne Presses, represents a new era of laboratory hydraulic presses. It combines the compact design of manual LabManual machines with the advanced ProView control system, setting a new standard in pressing quality that is ideal for sample preparation in QC and R&D.

With a pressing force of up to 150 kN and temperatures reaching 300°C, the LabTop 150 ensures precise and consistent results while prioritizing user safety. Its ergonomic layout, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and array of safety features make it easy for researchers to work confidently and securely.

Equipped with the ProView control system, featuring a 15-inch touchscreen interface, the LabTop 150 offers unparalleled control over temperature and closing force. Its automatic venting system simplifies venting by adjusting the press after a predefined time, enhancing efficiency and user comfort.

Intelicare, as the exclusive partner for Fontijne Presses in the UK and Ireland, provides comprehensive support for laboratory equipment needs. Whether initiating a new venture or upgrading existing equipment, Intelicare is dedicated to ensuring optimal performance and reliability for all laboratory instruments. For more information on how they can help you upgrade your lab equipment needs visit their website.

By Riley Johnson

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