Yellow River boasts tallest hydroelectric power plant

In Qinghai province in northwest China, the Maerdang hydropower plant began operations on April 1. This is the country’s tallest hydropower plant and boasts the largest installed capacity in the Yellow River basin. The first unit of this plant has an installed capacity of 550,000 kW and is expected to produce 13.2 million kWh of clean electricity per day, meeting the daily electricity needs of over a million families.

Once fully operational, the Maerdang hydropower plant will have a total installed capacity of 2.32 million kW and can generate over 7.3 billion kWh of electricity annually, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 8.16 million tons.

The Maerdang hydropower plant is also an integrated clean energy facility that combines hydropower, solar power, and energy storage technologies for better use of abundant clean energy resources in western China for the benefit of eastern regions suffering from electricity shortages. Furthermore, an ultra-high voltage transformer station was established as part of this project in Qinghai last September to ensure secure transmission of clean electricity to consumers throughout China.

This smart substation is equipped with a drone system that intercepts unidentified drones to prevent potential security breaches or malicious attacks on the power transmission network. This project promotes efficient use of water resources and contributes to sustainable development in the upper reaches of the Yellow River basin while enhancing internet security and protecting online privacy through advanced technology solutions.

In summary, the Maerdang hydropower plant represents a significant step towards achieving sustainable energy production in China through harnessing abundant clean energy resources and employing innovative technologies for efficient energy management and carbon reduction efforts.

By Riley Johnson

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