Fountain Creek Erosion Threatens Business Owner’s Building and Property

The erosion in Fountain Creek has put the livelihood of Brett Taylor at risk. His painting and stain business, situated along Southmoor Drive, is on the brink of collapsing into the creek due to the intense flows. The road in this area was closed four years ago because of the threat posed by erosion.

The problem with Southmoor Drive is that it is built on a bluff above the creek, and the sharp bend in the creek worsens the erosion during heavy flows. This has led to the loss of part of Taylor’s parking lot and his building being only a few feet from collapsing over the bluff.

Downstream, the Riverside Mobile Home Park had to close in 2017 due to a similar erosion issue. The responsibility for repairing and reopening the closed section of the road lies with the city of Fountain. However, they cannot take action until the Fountain Creek Watershed District determines a solution, which could be costly and may not work in the long term.

The erosion in this area is also impacting supports for a bridge at the south end of Fountain Creek. City officials have begun discussing potential replacement options with Colorado Department of Transportation officials.

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