After three months of silence, liaison table reiterates demand for extension of rule increasing credit costs for producers

The liaison table has again requested a hearing from the president of the Central Bank (BCRA) regarding the increase in credit costs for producers and the risks posed by food imports to local producers. This request came after a meeting between rural leaders who reiterated their plea for a meeting with the BCRA’s president, Santiago Bausili. The ruralists expressed frustration over the lack of response to their previous requests made three months ago, particularly regarding the extension of rules affecting rates for wheat and soybean producers.

In addition to this, they raised concerns about excessive tax increases and new fees imposed in various districts across the country. These measures contribute significantly to the already high tax burden faced by producers, adding to their production costs. They called on national, provincial, and municipal legislators to reconsider these tax policies and prioritize measures that support production and economic growth.

The liaison table also emphasized the urgent need for fiscal measures to alleviate financial strain on producers and promote a more favorable environment for agricultural activities. Furthermore, they expressed concern over high vaccination costs for foot-and-mouth disease at the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

To address this issue, they announced a consultation period within their entities to gather feedback from stakeholders on vaccine costs. The liaison table underscored the importance of addressing this issue to safeguard livestock health and support the agricultural sector.

In summary, rural leaders have once again called on BCRA’s president for a hearing regarding increased credit costs for producers due to rising food import risks. They also raised concerns over excessive taxation and high vaccine costs that impact agricultural production and economic growth. To address these issues, they have called for fiscal measures that promote production support and prioritize economic growth while also ensuring livestock health is safeguarded through consultation periods.

By Riley Johnson

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