Science North in Sudbury, Ont., is preparing to send off its resident beaver, Kash, to a new facility by the end of this month. Kash has been with Science North since 2016 when he first arrived as a kit. The facility was originally built to house only one beaver.

According to Amy Henson, the center’s senior scientist, Kash has reached a stage in his life where he requires more social interaction with other animals, especially other beavers. As a result, Science North, as part of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums network, is working to find Kash a new home. Henson stated that they cannot yet disclose the exact location of Kash’s new home but it is a facility that Science North has collaborated with extensively in the past.

While Science North does not have immediate plans to acquire another beaver as a replacement for Kash, the current enclosure will be used for smaller animals such as turtles and some fish species. Henson emphasized that despite Kash’s departure, Science North offers a wide variety of animals for visitors to learn about and enjoy. Even though they will no longer have a beaver at the center, there will be many more animals for people to explore.

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