US Senate Takes Important Step in Providing Financial Aid to Ukraine

The US Senate has taken a crucial step towards the adoption of colossal new aid to Ukraine. However, the granting of this envelope, eagerly awaited in Kyiv, risks encountering a categorical refusal from the Trumpist Republicans in the other chamber of Congress.

On Sunday, the Senate voted in favor of putting the text presented by the administration of Joe Biden to a vote, by 67 votes to 27. The bill provides in particular 60 billion for Ukraine and 14 billion for Israel against Hamas. The package also includes funds for a strategic ally of the United States, Taiwan. Despite this, the date of the next vote in the upper house is not yet known, but it could be held at the beginning of the week. In the House of Representatives, where Republicans have a narrow majority, opposition from right-wing elected officials will be stiff.

Two years after Russia’s invasion began, elected officials from America are unable to agree on funding new aid for Ukraine. Democrats are generally supportive while Republicans are divided between interventionist hawks who support Ukraine and lieutenants of Donald Trump who are much more isolationist. Nevertheless, eighteen Republican Senators supported this bill on Sunday and Mitch McConnell acknowledged that “the eyes of the world” are on them as they debate this controversial package. The process remains fraught with pitfalls for those seeking aid for Ukraine as Democratic President Joe Biden urgently calls for funds while his predecessor Donald Trump continues to make hostile declarations about it even without holding office anymore.

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