SEPTA implements new gate system to prevent fare evaders from boarding – NBC10 Philadelphia

In an effort to combat fare evasion, SEPTA has introduced new gates and 3-D technology at some of its stations. The pilot program was recently launched at the 69th Street station in Upper Darby, with plans to add more gates at other locations by the end of the month.

These new gates are designed to use 3-D technology to detect fare evaders and notify SEPTA police in real-time. This will allow officials to quickly respond to any incidents of fare evasion and prevent it from becoming a widespread problem on the system.

The implementation of these new gates is expected to have a significant impact on reducing crime on the system, as well as increasing revenue for the transit agency. SEPTA CEO and General Manager Leslie Richards emphasized the importance of paying to ride on SEPTA and how the new gates will deter fare evaders.

Riders who do not pay their fare on SEPTA may face consequences, including fines or even legal action. However, many riders are hopeful that this trend will continue and that they will feel safer during their commute due to the new security measures in place.

Overall, SEPTA is optimistic about the impact of these new gates and is planning to expand the program if successful. If this pilot project proves successful, additional gates could be added at subway and trolley stations across the city.

By Riley Johnson

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