Last night, England drew against North Macedonia in a match that held no significance for them as they had already secured their place in the European Championship long ago. The English lost only four points in the qualifiers and are looking very promising ahead of the tournament. As always, the English welcome big competition with great optimism.

Before the qualifiers are over, English media have been forecasting who they would like to play with and who they would not want to play with in their group at the Euro. SkySports has tried to find the perfect group for their national team, and let’s take a look at some possible scenarios if England ends up in a group with Albania, Slovenia and Serbia.

On SkySports, it was revealed that Denmark, Netherlands, and Croatia were among the teams that England would not want in their group. If England were to draw Denmark, Netherlands and Croatia in their group, it would be a difficult challenge for them as Croatia will be in the third strongest group if they beat Armenia tonight and go through additional qualifications there is a possibility of finishing in the fourth strongest group.

It’s worth noting that no strength groups have been defined yet, and these are just speculations based on current rankings. The draw for the European Championship will take place on December 2nd.

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