A construction project in Koprivnička Street in Zagreb has resulted in a pipe burst, causing water to reach heights of up to 5 meters and damaging a nearby house. The incident occurred while construction work was ongoing in the area, possibly related to temporary water supply to the street during the pipe works. An eyewitness reported that the water damaged the roof, windows, and facade of the house.

The Zagreb police have confirmed that the water was leaking from a hydrant and that Waterworks workers have been notified about the situation. Unofficially, it is believed that the pipe burst during construction works.

This incident highlights the risks associated with construction projects in urban areas and underscores the need for authorities and construction workers to address such situations promptly. It is critical to ensure public safety and maintain the integrity of surrounding infrastructure during such incidents.

The affected house will require extensive repairs, which will be costly and time-consuming. As such, it is important for all parties involved to work together to minimize disruption and mitigate any potential risks associated with this incident.

In conclusion, accidents like this one are always unfortunate but can happen even with proper planning and execution of construction projects. Therefore, it is crucial for authorities and construction workers to remain vigilant and take necessary measures to prevent such incidents from happening again in future.

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