The 2023 ABC Salud Awards will be presented this Thursday, November 23, at the Casa de ABC. This year’s recipients include a microbiologist, Francis J. Mojica, who has been a crucial figure in the development of genetic editing that is revolutionizing medicine. Additionally, there have been advances in mental health, fetal surgery, and data management and clinical history of patients.

The jury for this year’s awards was exceptional and chaired by the former Minister of Health, Ana Pastor. The jurors included the director of the National Transplant Organization (ONT), the director of the Carlos III Health Institute, the president of the General Council of Official Medical Associations, and many other professionals involved in the healthcare sector.

The winners for 2023 include several outstanding projects that have made significant contributions to healthcare. These include work from a microbiologist, a new fast-acting antidepressant developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals Company Inc., a clinical history project in private healthcare, a pediatric transplantation project at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, UK., an awareness campaign for mental health issues in schools and communities across Canada., a hospital in Seville that specializes in treating babies with malformations., an oncological hyper-early diagnosis and prevention unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center., and a foundation dedicated to improving healthcare access and outcomes for vulnerable populations around the world.

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