Exploring the Future of Sports Graphics Design: Emerging Trends Influencing the Industry

The world of sports graphics design is constantly evolving, with exciting trends emerging in the industry. Designers from major sports broadcasters such as ESPN, NBC Sports, and Estado de Sonho are at the forefront of these trends, offering insights into what’s next. Technology is enabling new possibilities that were previously impossible, while minimalism is giving way to a bolder style. Influences from outside the sports world are also making an impact.

A roundtable discussion featuring creative leaders from these broadcasters offers a glimpse into the future of sports graphics design. Kynna Randall, Art Director at ESPN, Alex Suarez, Graphic Designer at NBC Sports, and Marcos Vaz, Art Director at Estado de Sonho discussed their latest projects and what inspires their work. They also provided insights into the direction of sports graphics design.

This presentation was part of the 2024 SVG Sports Graphics Forum in New York City on February 21. SVG PLAY is a platform where all Sports Video Group live event and long-form video content can be accessed. SVG members and sponsors can easily view all SVG event panels, case studies, keynotes, and more in one place. To visit SVG PLAY, click the provided link.

In conclusion, the future of sports graphics design is an exciting landscape with new technologies, bold styles, and diverse influences shaping the industry. Designers from major sports broadcasters are at the forefront of these trends, sharing their insights and creative perspectives on what’s next in sports graphics design.

By Riley Johnson

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