An Ex-Amazon Recruiter Reveals a Typical Résumé Error

A former Amazon recruiter believes that job candidates often make a critical mistake when writing their resumes: they include vague statements. According to the recruiter, these statements do not highlight specific achievements and should be replaced with quantifiable results. The former recruiter emphasized in an interview with CNBC Make It that using specific numbers and analytics in your resume is more appealing to recruiters. Eugen Hayden, who has worked at companies such as Google and Boston Consulting Group, agrees with the former recruiter. Hayden believes that hiring managers and recruiters are searching for applicants who meet the criteria and are able to reach objectives and determine their personal impact. He stated that the best resume is one that shows how qualified you are for the job you’re applying for. Each of these experts believes that quantifiable accomplishments on a resume are the key to standing out from the competition.

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