Steelers add Kyle Allen and Dean Lowry to roster

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been working hard to solidify their quarterback depth chart for the upcoming season, and their latest move has brought them one step closer to achieving that goal. After signing Russell Wilson as their backup and trading for Justin Fields as his backup, the team has now acquired their third-string quarterback.

General Manager Omar Khan announced today that the Steelers have signed quarterback Kyle Allen, who has been in the NFL since 2018. Allen, who is 28 years old, entered the league as an undrafted rookie with the Carolina Panthers. He has also spent time with Washington, Houston, and Buffalo during his career. While he struggled during his time as a starter in Carolina in 2019, Allen has shown enough potential to stick around in the league as a backup quarterback.

The Steelers now have three quarterbacks on their roster, with the possibility of adding a fourth arm for training camp. This move will give them more depth at this critical position and increase their chances of success in the upcoming season.

In addition to signing Kyle Allen, the Steelers have also added defensive end Dean Lowry to their roster. Lowry played for the Minnesota Vikings last season and appeared in nine games with four starts. With these recent acquisitions, the Steelers are looking to strengthen their team and build depth at key positions as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Overall, these moves by the Steelers show that they are taking a proactive approach to building a strong and competitive team for next year’s campaign. With a solid quarterback depth chart and key positions filled out with talented players like Lowry, they are well on their way to achieving that goal.

By Riley Johnson

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