At the Start of the Week, Dubai’s Real Estate Transactions Hit 4.5 Billion Dirhams

This week, Dubai’s real estate market was bustling with activity, with a total of 4.56 billion dirhams in transactions reported by the Land Department. The emirate saw 1,541 procedures, with sales accounting for 2.8 billion dirhams through 1,230 deals.

The “Palm Jumeirah” region led the way in sales volume, with 234 million dirhams sold through just 17 deals. “Meydan One” followed closely behind with about 202 million dirhams from 303 deals, and “Wadi Al Safa 5” came in third place with 162 million dirhams from 374 deals.

Residential units were the most popular type of property sold, with a total of 1,037 units going to new owners. Buildings/villas and lands accounted for fewer transactions, but still had their share of the market with a combined total of just over 72 and 125 transactions each.

In addition to sales, mortgages were also a significant part of the Dubai real estate market this week, reaching a total of 964 million dirhams from just over one hundred procedures. The highest amount was seen in the “Nad Al Sheba First” area at an astounding 450 million dirhams from one procedure alone! “Dubai Marina” followed closely behind with just over

By Riley Johnson

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