Prof. Rogin shared a story of five women who were hospitalized in the department, one of whom suffered a heart attack at the age of 48 despite having no risk factors. Upon arrival at the hospital, she was immediately taken for catheterization. The other women were diagnosed with broken heart syndrome, characterized by changes in the EKG and normal arteries. Prof. Rogin explained that the syndrome is caused by stress, which releases large amounts of adrenaline that affect heart function. Fortunately, the heart returns to normal function after a few weeks. He recommended finding ways to calm the mind, such as sports activity or meditation. He also emphasized the importance of seeking medical treatment if feeling unwell.

In another topic, there was news of children being hospitalized in the city and their families struggling to communicate with them due to political tensions in their home countries. The city officer arranged for a soldier to be taken out of Gaza Strip to meet his mother, but another woman whose son is in Golani asked not to be contacted as she did not want to worry him.

There was also an issue with a website that didn’t load properly and appeared to be a mix of different content. It included information about SEO optimization, Osteopathy, Japanese language learning, personal profiles and related topics. The content seemed disorganized and unrelated.

Overall, it seems that people are facing various challenges and difficulties in their lives whether it’s health-related or related to political turmoil or even technology issues. However, it’s important for individuals to seek help when needed and take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

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