Dr. Eric J. DeMaria appointed Chief of Surgery and Chair of Department of Surgery at Brody School of Medicine at ECU Health

Dr. Dominic DeMaria, a renowned surgeon with extensive experience in the field of medicine, has been appointed as the chair of the Department of Surgery for the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University (ECU) and chief of surgery for ECU Health. In this new role, he will oversee the delivery of surgical services across the system and ensure that they are safe, efficient, and high-quality.

Dr. DeMaria has a medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and general surgery training from Brown University. He is internationally recognized for his contributions to bariatric surgery, advanced laparoscopy, and minimally invasive surgery. Over the years, he has held positions at several institutions, including Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Duke University, WakeMed, Maryview Medical Center, and Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital.

As an experienced leader in the field of surgery, Dr. DeMaria is excited about his new role at ECU. He looks forward to working with talented surgeons, care teams, professors, and students to provide high-quality care to the region while bridging the gap between rural health care and academic medicine in eastern North Carolina. In his previous roles, Dr. DeMaria has established himself as a respected figure in his field by holding various leadership positions within societies, boards, and committees across the globe.

The appointment of Dr. Dominic DeMaria as chair of surgery for ECU’s Brody School of Medicine marks a significant milestone in enhancing surgical services across Eastern North Carolina’s health system. His background in surgical medicine combined with his proven track record as a leader in various institutions make him an ideal candidate for this role.

In this new position at ECU Health and its affiliated medical school Brody School of Medicine , Dr. DeMaria will be responsible for developing strategies that will ensure high-quality surgical services delivery across all facilities under ECU Health’s umbrella.

Dr. DeMaria’s appointment comes after years of hard work by other stakeholders who have worked tirelessly towards achieving this goal.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in bariatric surgery among other areas , Dr Dominic Demaria is set to lead ECU Health into providing state-of-the-art surgical services to its patients.

Overall , this appointment signifies a positive development for both ECU Health System and Brody School Of Medicine as they look forward to improving healthcare outcomes for their patients through innovative surgical techniques under Dr Dominic Demaria’s leadership .

By Riley Johnson

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