Javier Milei, the newly elected president of Argentina, has announced that he plans to privatize YPF, a state-owned oil company. Horacio Marin, the head of exploration and production at Tecpetrol, is rumored to be taking over at YPF. Marin is not a politician but a specialist in the field. He worked at Tecpetrol for 35 years, starting as a reservoir engineer and eventually managing the exploration and production area for the past 13 years. He has a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas and a postgraduate degree from Stanford.

Marin is known for being pragmatic and direct when it comes to leadership. He was one of the first to join Javier Milei’s space team and has been collaborating with his technical teams since then. It is said that he is considered a confidant of Paolo Rocca, the leader of Techint. If Marin takes command of YPF, he would unify the position of president and CEO once again, which were separated during the administrations of Mauricio Macri and Alberto Fernández. This would require him to develop a more political profile, including addressing issues such as ending the gasoline price freeze and dealing with cheaper “criollo” barrel compared to international ones.

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