Columbia County sees an increase in business thanks to golfers hitting the tee

The Augusta National Women’s Amateur is now in its fifth year, bringing two weeks of golf and more attention to Columbia County, home to Champion’s Retreat. With an influx of visitors over the next two weeks, businesses in Columbia County are seeing a spike in customers and revenue.

Ironwood Tavern General Manager, Daniel Rhobes, shared his excitement about the increase in business during the tournament. Employees are making more money, and the restaurant is welcoming new faces. Just minutes away from the course, dessert shop Vampire Penguin is also benefiting from the surge in customers. Owner Marvin Walker enjoys introducing out-of-state visitors to their desserts.

As businesses gear up for the tournament, they are learning from past experiences to better prepare for the crowds. Ironwood Tavern orders extra food and wine to meet the demand, while Rooted Coffee sees a surge of customers looking for a morning pick-me-up before hitting the course. Both businesses are experiencing a positive impact from the tournament, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

With so much activity happening around town during this time, it’s no wonder that local businesses are seeing such an increase in traffic and revenue. From coffee shops to restaurants and everything in between, there’s something for everyone when it comes to dining options during the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

By Riley Johnson

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