Iowa-LSU Elite Eight Match-Up Sets New ESPN Ratings Record During March Madness

The Final Four of the Women’s NCAA tournament is set, featuring South Carolina, Iowa, UConn, and NC State. As the event reaches its climax, Tony Anderson takes a closer look at the major storylines surrounding it.

The Elite Eight game between LSU and Iowa was a record-breaking success, with 12.3 million viewers tuning in to watch it. This was the most-viewed women’s college basketball game ever and the highest-rated college basketball game on ESPN platforms. In addition to breaking viewership records, Iowa also had an impressive player in Caitlin Clark, who scored 41 points, 12 assists, and seven rebounds during the matchup.

Iowa has had a strong run so far in this year’s tournament and is looking forward to facing off against UConn in the Final Four. The Huskies are one of their biggest rivals and they are determined to avenge their previous Sweet 16 loss to them last year.

The Elite Eight games were a huge success overall in terms of viewership, with five games drawing millions of viewers each. In addition to Iowa-LSU, USC-UConn also reached impressive peaks of 15.9 million viewers and Oregon State-South Carolina drew 13 million at its peak. With such high stakes and talented teams in play, the Final Four promises to be an exciting showdown that will capture the attention of millions of viewers across the country.

By Riley Johnson

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