Community members in Central Oregon unite to establish a state-of-the-art multi-sport facility

The Central Oregon Sportsplex Alliance is a community-driven organization that aims to provide high-quality sports facilities to the region. Comprised of community members, businesses, sports teams, and partners, the CO Sportsplex Alliance’s vision includes developing a multi-sport facility with multiple turf fields for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, and softball. Additionally, the alliance plans to build indoor multi-use turf fields, ice sports development areas, and potentially commercial sports, retail, hotel, and RV park amenities.

The CO Sportsplex Alliance is committed to ensuring that all youth in Central Oregon have access to top-notch facilities, leagues and training opportunities without barriers. They aim to establish and administer scholarship funds to make this possible.

Derek Berry, the president of the CO Sportsplex Alliance presented their plan to the Bend Park and Rec Board during a meeting. Berry emphasized that this project is a significant endeavor that requires sufficient support to be successfully realized.

Julie Brown, Communications & Community Relations Manager for Bend Parks & Rec expressed her organization’s dedication to providing recreational spaces within the community. She highlighted the potential for partnerships with organizations like the CO Sportsplex Alliance to enhance recreational opportunities for residents in Bend. The board expressed interest in exploring this concept further.

Redmond at the Fairgrounds and Expo Center has been identified as the preferred location for this facility by the CO Sportsplex Alliance due its ample space and easy accessibility from neighboring communities

By Riley Johnson

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