Guinness-recognized World’s Oldest Man, Juan Perez, Passes Away at Age 114

Juan Vicente Perez Mora, a Venezuelan man renowned by Guinness World Records as the oldest man in the world, passed away just weeks before his 115th birthday. Guinness had bestowed upon him this honor on February 4, 2022, when he was 112 years and 253 days old, surpassing the previous record holder Saturnino de le Fuento Garcia. Mr. Mora attributed his longevity to a daily routine of hard work, rest on holidays, an early bedtime, a glass of aguardiente every day, his faith in God, and always carrying Him in his heart.

Juan Vicente Perez Mora was not only an old man but also a father of 11 children, 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and 12 great-great-grandchildren. He began working in agriculture at the age of five alongside his father and brothers with harvesting sugar cane and coffee. Despite being heavily involved in agriculture, he also held several other roles such as sheriff where he resolved land and family disputes.

Perez lived through remarkable historical events like both World Wars, the invention of television, and the first moon landing. In 2020 alone he survived COVID-19 which is an incredible feat considering how deadly the virus has been to many others.

Governor Freddy Bernal expressed his sadness at Mora’s passing while describing him as a humble and hardworking man who was passionate about family and tradition. President Nicolas Maduro paid tribute to Perez on social media expressing condolences to the family and people of El Cobre in Tachira state. He considered Mora’s passing as him transcending into eternity at the age of 114 years old. May God receive him in His holy glory.

By Riley Johnson

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