Advancements in technology transfer to a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

Roberto Formisano, Process Transfer Senior Manager at AGC Biologics, discusses the challenges associated with technology transfer in a video interview. He addresses the complexities involved in transferring technology from development to GMP manufacturing, as well as from a customer to a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO).

Roberto highlights the critical timelines that present the biggest challenges in the field of technology transfer. He explains how balancing the number of batches that need to be manufactured is essential to ensuring sufficient and scientifically quality data within these timelines.

During his conversation with EPR editor Caroline Peachey at Terrapin’s Advanced Therapies conference in London on 19 March, Roberto delves into the nuances of technology transfer and its implications for the industry. He also shares his insights on the technology and manufacturing trends and priorities that he foresees for the cell and gene therapy industry in 2024.

By Riley Johnson

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