Amazon discontinues ‘just walk out’ technology at its US retail locations

The integration of highly novel technology, like the “just walk out” system, into daily life is a significant challenge for businesses. Despite the financial benefits of such a system, upfront costs, including cameras, computing devices and weighted shelving can be substantial for businesses with already thin profit margins. Even companies with deep pockets may find it difficult to invest in this technology due to its evolving nature from an AI perspective.

Furthermore, regulatory risks need to be considered when adopting systems like “just walk out.” Issues surrounding tobacco and alcohol sales as well as the perception of replacing human labor can complicate the implementation process. A more gradual approach to automating retail locations may be a more effective way forward according to Arcaro. The existing ecosystem of automated checkouts and related technology has already made strides in the industry, providing a more economically feasible pathway. Over time, barriers to entry are likely to decrease as technology continues to advance.

By Riley Johnson

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