Apple faces unexpected challenges with promotional campaign for iPad Pro

In 2021, Apple released a new ad for the iPad Pro that has caused quite a stir. The video, directed by Ridley Scott, showcases the device’s sleek design and powerful features, such as the new M4 processor and OLED screen, as well as its compatibility with professional audio and video editing applications.

However, the ad has sparked controversy due to its depiction of a giant hydraulic press crushing a variety of objects to demonstrate the tablet’s thinness. Many viewers were upset by the destruction of these creative and expressive objects, such as a trumpet, record player, and piano, in the video. The ad has received a high number of views, retweets, and comments, indicating a strong backlash from the audience.

The backlash prompted Apple to issue an apology for the ad and clarify that it will not be part of their television campaign. Apple’s vice president of marketing expressed regret over the video and emphasized their commitment to celebrating user creativity and self-expression through their products.

Despite this setback, Apple remains committed to promoting their latest product through other means. They have also highlighted its ability to transform personal computing once again just like it did in 1984 with Macintosh computer revolutionized personal computing. Overall, while some may view this advertisement negatively due to its portrayal of destructive imagery

By Riley Johnson

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