9 Stunning Boarding Schools Around the World

The allure of attending a boarding school in a faraway, majestic land is undeniable. Thanks to movies like Dead Poet’s Society, the Harry Potter series, and The Holdovers, the idea of living and studying at a sleepaway prep school with friends in storied halls surrounded by nature seems enchanting. But what really sets these schools apart are their stunning architecture and idyllic settings.

From historic buildings with rich traditions to modern campuses set in picturesque locations, these boarding schools offer students a truly unique and unforgettable educational experience. And while we can’t be sure how accurate the films are, we do know that these real-life schools around the world are just as impressive as their cinematic counterparts.

Recently, Architectural Digest visited nine striking boarding schools around the world, each with its own charm and beauty. These schools not only provide a top-notch education but also offer students the opportunity to live and learn in a truly inspiring environment. Whether it’s an ancient castle with towering turrets or a modern campus set amidst rolling hills, these boarding schools are sure to make an impact on anyone lucky enough to attend.

By Riley Johnson

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