Advancing in Food Production: Communist Dictatorship Surpasses with No Environmentalist Obstructions

Genetically engineered foods have been a topic of debate for years, with some countries viewing them as a strategic resource while others are more skeptical. In the United States, eco-terrorists have gone to extreme lengths to prevent the growth of genetically modified crops, even resorting to destruction. Environmentalists are strongly opposed to any form of genetic modification, labeling it as GMOs regardless of whether it is RNAi, CRISPR, or simply an edit. However, mutagenesis has led to many organic certified products and China has approved genetically modified wheat in order to become more self-sufficient.

Despite genetic engineering being seen as the solution for becoming self-sufficient in both poorer and developed countries, Europe has hindered Africa’s use of GMOs by banning imports if they use them. Meanwhile, Europe imports GMO products for animal feed and exports meat to Africa, deceiving its own citizens in the process. The War on Science is intertwined with politics as countries make decisions regarding genetically modified foods.

For those who purchase organic products from stores like Whole Foods, the news that China is growing genetically engineered crops may not impact their purchases significantly. However, it does raise questions about the authenticity of the “organic” label on these products. Ultimately, the presence of genetically modified crops from China does little to no harm on consumer health. It is important for consumers to understand the science behind genetic engineering and make informed decisions when purchasing food products.

By Riley Johnson

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