“Unions and Healthcare Workers: A Prescription for Healthcare by Rose Roach” – WFHB, February 2024

In a healthcare system that is increasingly dominated by corporate interests, doctors and nurses are taking a stand against the growing corporatization of the industry. This month on Prescription for Healthcare, we interviewed Rose Roach, former director of the Minnesota Nurses Association and current National Coordinator of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer.

Roach shared her belief that doctors and nurses are the conscience of healthcare, and that they have a voice for patients that is not heard by corporate healthcare. She emphasized the need for collective struggle to radically change the current system, which she described as a “healthcare marketplace” being bought up by Wall Street solely for profit.

One way that care providers are fighting back against this system is by exploring unions as a means of ensuring their ability to practice medicine as they have been trained to do. Roach spoke about how physicians and nurses are coming together to fight against an ever-growing focus on profit in healthcare.

We also discussed recent news about nurses at IU Health’s University and Methodist hospitals considering unionizing. It’s clear that these workers see the value in organizing and standing up for themselves, just as Roach encourages all care providers to do.

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