Students Explore the Globe with e-flux Education

IDSVA is a unique institution that operates without a campus, existing wherever its students and faculty are. The recent residencies in Mexico City, Athens, and Marrakech have provided a rich and intense learning experience for those involved. Students have shared their thoughts on the program and its structure, highlighting the benefits of a hybrid approach that combines online coursework with in-person residencies around the world.

One of the students who has benefited greatly from IDSVA’s hybrid approach is Maggie McKee, a PhD candidate in Cohort ’20. She found the online format to be perfect for her lifestyle and commitments as it allowed her to continue working as an international teacher while pursuing her studies. Similarly, Monica Bryant from Cohort ’21 praised the program for its hybrid nature, describing it as the ideal PhD program she would create herself.

For Rikiesha Metzger, a PhD candidate in Cohort ’19, the blend of online coursework and in-person residencies at IDSVA has taken her on a captivating journey across the world. Amy Schuessler, another PhD candidate from Cohort ’20, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to travel and study in unique locations like Mexico City, emphasizing the magical experience it provides. Elliot Bowers from Cohort ’21 shared how privileged he feels to study and engage in challenging conversations with fellow participants in amazing and beautiful places around the world through IDSVA. These testimonials showcase the transformative and enriching experience that IDSVA offers to its students.

If you are intrigued by IDSVA’s approach and want to learn more, you can book a conversation with Molly Davis, Director of Admissions, to explore the program further. Applications for enrollment in 2024 are now open, and you can email for more information.

In conclusion, IDSVA offers a unique learning experience that combines online coursework with in-person residencies around the world. Its hybrid approach has been praised by students who appreciate its flexibility and enriching experiences that take them on journeys across different continents. If you are looking for an innovative PhD program that fits your lifestyle while providing transformative experiences, consider applying to IDSVA today!

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