Mike McDaniel shares update on offer made to Odell Beckham Jr., emphasizes the importance of patience in business dealings

The Miami Dolphins recently had a meeting with Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver, where there was reportedly a strong mutual interest between the two parties. Despite the positive meeting, no deal has been finalized yet. Head coach Mike McDaniel spoke about the visit at the annual league meeting, describing it as “great” and mentioning that they had made Beckham an offer. McDaniel acknowledged that negotiations take time, especially with a player like Beckham who has a successful career, potential, and various options to consider.

Odell Beckham Jr. missed the 2022 season due to a torn ACL but returned to play in 14 games with six starts in 2023. During the regular season, he caught 35 passes for 565 yards and three touchdowns, adding four receptions for 34 yards in the postseason. The future remains uncertain, with ongoing discussions and negotiations taking place between the Dolphins and the talented wide receiver.

Drafted as the No. 12 overall pick in 2014, Beckham has accumulated impressive career stats, including 566 receptions for 7,932 yards and 59 touchdowns in 110 games playing for the Giants, Browns, Rams, and Ravens. If an agreement is reached between him and the Dolphins on a new contract extension or signing opportunity, Mike McDaniel expressed readiness to coach Beckham once again emphasizing their mutual interest in working together towards a potential deal.

Beckham’s decision may come down to weighing his options carefully before making any final decisions on whether or not to join the Miami Dolphins. His success as a wide receiver speaks for itself and if he chooses to continue his career he will have many teams interested in signing him including those who are willing to pay him what he is worth.

In conclusion: The Miami Dolphins met with Odell Beckham Jr., expressing interest in signing him for their team while he continues his successful career as a wide receiver. While no deal has been agreed upon yet head coach Mike McDaniel expressed readiness to coach Beckham if an agreement is reached between them.

By Riley Johnson

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