Earnings in Banks, Fintechs, and Hedge Funds: A Comprehensive Overview

Selby Jennings has released a new compensation report that sheds light on the pay for data scientists in various industries and regions. While hedge funds and trading firms are typically known for offering high-paying roles, banks and fintech companies also provide substantial compensation opportunities.

According to the report, top data scientists at hedge funds in prime locations like New York and San Francisco can earn more than twice as much as their peers in banking roles. The average total compensation for a managing director-level position (with 15+ years of experience) in a hedge fund is $777k, with data scientists potentially earning between $1m and $2m on average. This is nearly three times the average compensation for senior hedge fund employees.

The study from Selby Jennings provides insights into the pay for data scientists across seven additional locations across the US and Europe. The report highlights that junior data scientists in Europe are attracted to Switzerland, while French data scientists working in banks generally earn more than their German counterparts. However, entry-level data scientists in London banks earn notably low salaries compared to their New York counterparts, who earn three times as much, while still earning twice as much on the buy-side.

By Riley Johnson

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